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Doing my work yesterday I came across a man called Herbert Beerbohm Tree, a Shakespearean actor from the 1800s… why is this important, I hear you ask. LOOK AT HIM:


I genuinely thought I had turned the page over to Tom Hiddleston. But the book I was looking at was written before Hiddles became super famous. 

No wonder he’s so into Shakespeare.

And here we have proof that Tom Hiddleston is a Shakespeare loving vampire. 

Immortality? Reincarnation? Or just a case of human genetic variation limitations, because with billions of people, it’s possible some of them will end up looking & maybe even pursuing a similar successful career, no matter the era (past/present/future)? In any case it all comes full circle for both actors. By sheer coincidence, it’s worth noting that Herbert Beerbohm Tree also founded the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) where Hiddleston was a 2005 BA Graduate & where the current vice-chairman is none other than Alan Rickman. (x) If you favor a particular prestigious actor from or from around the UK, chances are they studied (or wanted to) at this school. RADA- x/Alumni - x

But then again, he might be a time traveler. Who can say for sure? (x)



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